Nosominer F.A.Q.

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page Back to Help Main Page  Nosominer F.A.Q. Is nosominer open source? Yes , as all our contributions. Where i can download it? Visit our  links  page. Do i need install it? No. Just download nosominer.exe and run it. Nosominer.exe needs to be placed in the same folder than noso.exe? No. You can even place nosominer in another computer. What i need to mine? You need a valid Noso address to mine; your coins will be send to this address. you also need a pool information to mine with. Nosominer is designed to mine with a pool. How i get a valid noso address to mine? Download the wallet from  here.  Run it and it will automatically create a wallet containing one address (you can create more if you want with the + button) Where i can find pools information? Here  and in our  discord channel. Configuration steps: Paste your noso address. Select your pool. Start mining. What minds all those numbers? Mouse over each control to see a description. I can se

Noso Pool Documentation

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page Back to Help Main Page Documentation Valid for version 0.2.1A and above. Create a pool To create a pool, use this console command: createpool {name} {address} {fee} {maxmembers} {port} {payinterval} {password} name: Name of the Pool. It is usefull to identificate the payments. Between 3 and 15 characters length. address: The Noso address the miners will use to mine the blocks. This address will receive the payments of the founded blocks. It is mandatory to choose one from the current wallet. (not recommended use the first one, we will see now the reason) fee: The pool fee in cents of percentage. A fee 100 minds 1%. Range: 1-10000. Can be adjusted later. Maxmembers: The maximum number of users that can join the address. Range1-90. Can be adjusted later. Port: The port the users will use to connect to the pool.  Must be different to the node listening port. The port must be available to receive incoming connections. Payinterval: The block inter

Noso Quick Start

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page   Back to Help Main Page NOSO QUICK START Follow the steps below after downloading the Noso.exe file 1. Copy the Noso.exe file into an empty folder. 2. Run Noso.exe 3. To connect to the network, click Main Menu, Network-> Connect 4. In the status bar you can see if you are connected to the network when the box on the left turns green and indicates the total number of connections. 6. Once connected, to mine blocks: Main Menu, Network-> Mine 7. If you want to act as a node, Main Menu, Network-> Start Server. In the status bar you can see an antenna appear to the left of everything if it is accepting connections (You must check if your router/firewall allows incoming connections to the specified port: 880 by default). This is what your status bar should look like after connecting, activating the server and starting mining: Donations:  BTC: 3H1VzdL3QFQpc62DUhbtCFV5dG4K1yPwVB LTC: LUUWwzfeQtJ4dc8A5xJVz3Zacray55f1WH Paypal: scalvhh@hotmail

Noso white paper

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page   Back to Help Main Page Noso Cryptocurrency project (Incomplete) Cryptocurrency 4.0 No need for block chain. Customizable addresses Transfer concept. Ultra fast and light. Built-in scalability that allows easy improvements to the protocol. Macro project that incorporates various aspects. Built-in exchange platform. (Translation of the original document) Definition: Noso is a new generation virtual cryptocurrency, which works through a P2P protocol, incorporating new functions and features, as well as improvements to the ones you can found in current cryptocurrencies. It operates using asymmetric cryptography keys (also called public key cryptography) to guarantee the integrity of transactions. This project aims to be an improvement of existing cryptographic currencies, whose first and best known exponent is Bitcoin. Before proceeding, it is good that you are documented about the technical concepts of operating a virtual crypto

Noso wallet help

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page Noso Wallet Help This is the Noso wallet official help main page. Current version: 0.2.0H Official links Quick start Noso white paper Nosominer F.A.Q. Console commands Pool documentation Donations:  BTC: 3H1VzdL3QFQpc62DUhbtCFV5dG4K1yPwVB LTC: LUUWwzfeQtJ4dc8A5xJVz3Zacray55f1WH Paypal: scalvhh@hotmail.com NosoCoin:  devteam_donations

Console commands documentation.

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page List of valid Noso console commands. Back to Help Main Page Console commands are not case sensitive; VER is the same as ver. A parameter between {} is a required parameter. A parameter between [] is a optional parameter. Pressing F3 in the command line paste the last text entered. Pressing <ESC> in the command line erases it. General commands: ver: Shows the wallet version. lang [number]: Shows the current language information. Number changes the language to the specified one. serveron: Turn on the server to accept incoming connections. serveroff: Turn off the server. All incoming connections existing are closed. addnode {ip} [port]: Adds a node to the node list file. If port is not specified, 8080 will be used as default. nodes: Shows the list of existing nodes in nodes file. delnode {number} : Delete the specified node from the node list file. bots: Shows all the not allowed IPs. slots: Shows all the information of the connections. co

Noso Wallet Version 0.2.0 Released

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE Visit our new page This is the first official release. This will be the minimal version required to use in the mainnet. Exe File. RAR File Join our discord channel for full information and online support: Noso Discord Or you can join our telegram group Noso Telegram Donations:  BTC: 3H1VzdL3QFQpc62DUhbtCFV5dG4K1yPwVB Paypal: scalvhh@hotmail.com NosoCoin:  devteam_donations